Is your diet failing you?

5 signs you’re not going to lose weight

1)      You are not consistently eating for health.  If your food choices for each meal aren’t selected based on how to properly fuel and nourish your body, you are more than likely eating for pleasure.  This will get you in trouble as the calories pile up.

2)      Not consistently exercising, or exercising efficiently.  By consistent I mean 5 days a week, MOST weeks.  It must also be noted that the workouts have to burn calories and strengthen muscles.  Just going through the motions or not exercising at moderate intensity can end up simply being a waste of time.

3)      Not having an eating schedule.  We have probably all heard that it’s best to eat many small meals throughout the day.  If you’re skipping breakfast or going long hours before eating, your body is being forced into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism and increasing fat storage.  It also negatively impacts your energy levels.  Whenever possible, have each of your meals planned and try to eat 5 or 6 times a day.

4)      You’re not counting, or at least ‘aware’ of your calorie intake.  Within reason, weight loss can be reduced to the simple terms of taking in less calories than you expend.  This deficit will cause you to burn fat.  If you have no idea what you’re taking in, you can’t determine how much you should eat.  Additionally, eating to few calories is detrimental as well.  It will cause your body to eat your lean muscle mass for fuel.  

5)      You think exercise without any dietary changes is enough to promote weight loss.  While this can be true depending on your activities and metabolism, it normally is far from the case for most of us.  30 minutes on an elliptical machine at moderate intensity will burn about 300 calories.  Without dietary changes, that’s usually not enough to cause a calorie deficit.  The most efficient approach is consistent exercise along with better food selections and correct portion sizes.