Holiday Cheer!

I know a lot of us struggle with maintaining our good habits during the Holiday season. In fact, I wonder if a lot us feel it’s a just a built-in excuse. If you work in an office, t’is definitely the season of holiday treats from vendors, co-workers, and even our bosses. So how do we cut down on the usual holiday weight gain?

Well, like the rest of the year, let’s have a plan. This starts with simply recognizing the mental state and adjusting it. Instead of just throwing up your hands and saying “well, it’s the holidays”, recognize that you don’t have to actually gain weight. So how do we do this? If we consider the holidays the time between Thanksgiving and New Years, we’re really only talking about a few specific days. The ones that fall on the holiday itself and, in some cases, the eve before. With that being the case, we should plan ahead on which days we will loosen our belts and indulge. If you can stick to one day a week for the duration, you probably won’t see any gain at all. What you want to avoid is using it as an excuse to over-indulge everyday.

Other tips
1) If you’re going to a party, eat prior so you’re not hawking the pre-meal treats
2) If you don’t think they’ll be healthy choices, bring a dish or two with you.
3) Limit the consumption of alcohol. Not only are you drinking in the calories, it’s causing a metabolic disaster – especially when coupled with sugar from snacks and desserts
4) There are a million ways to make common meals and desserts much healthier. Look online for healthy recipes of your favorite foods.
5) Maintain your exercise routine

Nobody want’s to be a Grinch during this time of year, and we certainly want to have fun with family and friends and unwind from a busy year and hectic shopping season. So have a plan, especially with your expectations, and go into 2012 without having to lose holiday weight!