Is Your Health Your #1 Priority? Be the One!

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Managing your fitness, weight, and health isn’t as daunting a proposition as you may think. Unfortunately, we are bombarded by conflicting information, bad diet plans, and too many ‘one weird trick’ videos.  As a result, most of us are left frustrated, lost, and powerless.

With the right education, proper planning, and a healthy dose of consistency, we can literally change our lives.  While our proprietary plan “Automatic Weight Loss: Using your brain to change your body” can provide the blue print for this, I wanted to focus on a very important part of this program that might just make a change in you immediately.

Be the oneHow often do you join the crowd for a lunch out at work or school?  Or, have birthday cake at an office party? Or, eat pizza because there some leftover from a celebration?

It’s a really common occurrence, food is part of the fabric of our society, and too often we tie food to our level of enjoyment.  Instead of just mindlessly joining the fray, Be the one!

Be the one that brings your own lunch to work/school or wherever you go every day.  Be the one that orders a healthful meal at restaurant.  Trust me, what makes going out fun is the company, not indulging in 1,800 calorie meals.

Be the one that never misses a schedule day of exercise because you’ve made it a priority.  How often do you miss work because there’s a good show on TV or you have housework to do?  We always have time for our priorities, so why isn’t your health #1?

All you have to do to see dramatic changes in yourself is Be the one that makes healthy living a priority. Not only will you soon realize the err of your previous ways, you’ll soon become known as The One and become an inspiration to others.  What an amazing feeling that is!

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The Only 4 Things You Need to Know About Bacon and Cancer


If you’re a meat-eater and are up in arms about the latest survey linking processed meats to colorectal cancer, you can finally calm down.  This recent article from men’s health does a great job of explaining exactly what data the WHO used to draw this conclusion, and how small the risks really are.  However, having said that, use this ‘hysteria’ to make strategic changes to your selection of meats.

First and foremost, for anyone who still thinks we eat meat simply because it tastes good, remember it’s benefits.  Not only is it a great source of protein, but it’s rich in iron, B-vitamins (which are otherwise hard to come by), and zinc.

What you can start doing is finding leaner cuts, eating fewer processed meats (hot dogs, suasage, bacon, etc), and trimming fat.

This is good news, so go celebrate with a dinner featuring your favorite cut of meat!

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Exercising More but Still Gaining Weight? Take this Quiz.

Original Source: CNN.  Full Article here:

Exercising more but still gaining weight? Take this quiz

150420131737-01-shutterstock-251548909-exlarge-169You’re running on the treadmill, hitting up each HIIT class on your exercise center’s timetable, and quality preparing more than you ever suspected conceivable. Yet, your scale hasn’t gotten the reminder. What gives? This five-inquiry test will offer you some assistance with pinpointing your issue — and get your weight moving in the right cours

5 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight Despite Working Out

1. Are you cutting calories?

To get more fit, you have to smolder a bigger number of calories than you’re taking in. (Need confirmation? Here are six reasons you can’t out-activity a terrible eating regimen.) But there’s cutting calories and after that there’s cutting an excess of calories, says enlisted dietitian and quality mentor Marie Spano, RD, CSSD, CSCS. When you begin cutting calories like a ninja, you won’t not be giving yourself enough fuel to truly hit it amid your workouts. “You simply make a cursory effort,” she says. In addition, numerous individuals who begin off their days seriously confining calories wind up tossing caloric alert to the wind by dinnertime. “In the event that you don’t have enough nourishment, you’re liable to experience sugar yearnings later in the day,” says Washington D.C.- based enlisted dietitian Anne Mauney, MPH, RD.

DailyBurn: 6 Weight Loss Success Stories to Motivate You Right Now

The fix: Exactly what number of calories you need relies on upon what number of you’re blazing in the rec center, however by and large, your caloric deficiency (the quantity of calories you eat less the quantity of calories you smolder) shouldn’t be any more than 500 every day, Spano says. (You can utilize one of these cool following applications to offer you some assistance with keeping tabs.) Aim to devour the main part of your calories amid the first 50% of your day and around your workout.

2. Do you follow up your workouts with a store-bought smoothie?

Hitting up the smoothie counter won’t not be the most ideal approach to refueling your muscles. (These refreshments are only a couple of illustrations of tastes with genuinely unnerving calorie tallies.) “Numerous smoothies are stacked with sugar and calories, and can totally neutralize any calorie-smolder you got from your workout,” Spano says. Natural product, yogurt and sherbet-substantial assortments are among the most noticeably awful guilty parties.

DailyBurn: What 200 Calories of Nuts Looks Like

The answer: Instead of purchasing a pre-made smoothie, throw together one of these simple three-fixing smoothie formulas at home. Furthermore, don’t guzzle it down on-the-go. At the point when individuals take a seat to eat their dinners, they end up feeling more full and eating less later in the day than if they had eaten while progressing, as indicated by a 2015 Journal of Health Psychology study.

3. Do you constantly crave food?

This won’t not be a terrible thing. Examination does a reversal and forward on exercise’s consequences for yearning, yet in the event that your workout is expanding your longing, it’s not as a matter of course a major ordeal, Spano says. “Individuals eat for an assortment of reasons, and appetite is frequently the last reason.” (Hey, it’s superior to anything eating to fulfill longings or mitigate stress.) But, still, in case you’re chowing down on a larger number of calories than you’re smoldering — regardless of the possibility that you’re blazing a ton — you’re going to put on weight, she says.

The answer: Take a period out to consider in case you’re really ravenous — or simply exhausted, drained, pushed, miserable, or generally passionate. On the off chance that you are truly, genuinely hungry, eat! Simply settle on sound fiber-and protein-rich nourishments that will top you off, for example, vegetables, low-fat dairy, solid fats and incline meats, she says. These fast and simple high-protein snacks are a decent place.

4. Do you read your cardio machine’s calorie-counter displays?

Your treadmill (also your circular and stationary bicycle) is deceiving you. A few machines may overestimate your caloric consume by to 30 percent, as per the American Council on Exercise. So in the event that you put your trust in them, you could undoubtedly wind up eating a larger number of calories than you blaze — regardless of the possibility that you’re industriously following your endeavors.

The answer: Don’t pay any brain to your cardio machine’s calorie show. While Spano doesn’t prescribe carrying on with your life tallying calories, in case you’re absolutely driven to know what number of calories your workout’s smoldering, look to a wellness tracker. They aren’t immaculate, yet they do get a ton closer than cardio machines, recommends examination distributed Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

5. Are you sleep deprived?

Weight reduction boils down to adhering to a good diet, exercise — and recuperation. In the event that you pass up a great opportunity for one of those, the other two aren’t going to completely pay off, Spano says. What’s more, for a great many people, recuperation, or all the more particularly, rest is a major issue. When you don’t get enough close eye, the hormones accountable for managing your yearning levels — leptin and ghrelin — get distracted, bringing about extraordinary longings that could wind up neutralizing your workouts, Mauney says. Then, a 2015 Diabetologia study proposes that only four days of lack of sleep causes your body to store more fat. What’s more, as per examination distributed in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, the nature of your rest impacts that you are so prone to workout the following day, as well.
The answer: Stop bargaining on zzz’s, Mauney says. While each individual’s rest needs are distinctive, the Sleep Foundation prescribes grown-ups ages 18 to 64 rest somewhere around seven and nine hours every night. Get that to give your workout the best risks of working.

Weightloss Roadblocks? Get Out of Your Own Way

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When you break it down, weight management is actually a fairly easy practice, at least conceptually. If you sit down with most people and show them two different meals, one healthy, one riddled with fat, salt, and sugar, they’ll easily identify each of them correctly.  If you asked them to create a one day meal plan, and design a 30 to 45 minute workout, they will do an adequate job of constructing it.  Why, then, do most people struggle with it and why is obesity so pervasive in our society?  Here are 5 limiting beliefs that impede our progress.

Eating Healthy is Boring – This is one of the easier objections to overcome as this is purely a misconception.  This falls into the “I want to do as I’ve always done”.  It simply easier to follow existing habits than to change.  However, real whole foods, with all-natural spices and herbs, are not only absolutely delicious, but the reward you with overwhelming energy, alertness, satiety and complete lack of guilt.  This can easily be learned and, once it is, it requires no additional time or money.  Invest in yourself and take the time to research healthy cook books and see just how delicious eating clean can be.  Most of us are on Pinterest half the day anyway, make that time constructive.

I can’t get full from a healthy meal – A lot of us tie dieting to starvation.  That’s because most of us have tried super restrictive fad diets that didn’t care if you lost fat or caused your body to eat it’s lean muscle for survival, as long as the scale showed a drop in weight.  They didn’t care about your health or long term success, only that you tried it for a couple of weeks and demonstrated weight-loss.  You’re, of course, are then left to blame yourself for failing, but it was the diet that failed you.  Healthy meals are filled with vitamins and nutrients and fiber, all which feed your body and create longer lasting satiety.  You will not ONLY feel full, you’ll feel full longer.  Your body won’t be sending hunger signals when you finish eating because you still need nutrients.

Food is fun and I need to live a little – How many people have also told me that smoking is fun.  If you’re a former smoker or a non-smoker,  you quickly realize how ridiculous this is.  You have to learn to smoke, which means you have to get through the beginning phase, suffering coughing fits, teary eyes, nausea.  When did that become fun?  The fun that is being described is two-fold.  One, it’s relieving withdrawal symptoms from your last nicotine fix, and yes, I suppose quieting the loud screams in your brain for more nicotine can be perceived as fun, or, at least, comforting.  Withdrawal is uncomfortable.  Also, after years of smoking, your brain has tied this habit with many of the things you enjoy doing, making you wonder if it’s the activity you’re enjoying or the nicotine.  The same thing happens with food.  Processed foods, especially those from restaurants, are carefully produced to contain the right ratios of fat, salt, and sugar, which are designed to play with ‘reward’ center in your brain.  So again, these foods make you feel better because they quiet the screams in your brain asking you to have them more of them.  Of course, we eat socially, so we again tie these powerful feelings to our best activities and interactions.   This is why it’s so hard to go out to dinner with friends and try to be the one person eating healthy. To make sense of this, take this a step further. How ridiculous would it be if your friends got together to suck on exhaust pipes in a parking lot.  It’s utterly insane, right, but to some degree, getting together eating enormous portions of food linked to cancer, heart disease and stroke can’t really be that far off, can it?  Learn to separate food from the things you enjoy.  Food is a fuel, and when you learn to create healthy meals that taste delicious and fuel your body, you will enjoy the company of your family and friends and feel amazing afterwards as your body relishes the influx of nutrients.

I don’t have enough time  – This is an easy objection to overcome, it simply stems from lack of understanding and effort.  You have to eat, no? so what difference does it make whatsoever if you’re preparing healthy or processed crap.  Even if your the type that needs to pull something prepackaged out of the freezer to heat quickly after a long day, this can be done simply by pre-planning and stocking your freezer over the weekend.  This excuse is purely based on laziness and misunderstanding and I guarantee that anyone that pushes through the learning curve will quickly realize themselves how silly this limiting belief really is.

If I eat differently, I won’t fit in – One of the first things I offer as advice to people is to “make this your thing”.  Be the person that says no to birthday cake in the office, or who reaches into his or her lunch bag rather than mindlessly eat three slices of pizza leftover in the break room.  This is one case where you WANT to stand out, because, despite the gentle ribbing you’ll take, every single person in the room will admire you for it.  They’ll wish they had your motivation and dedication and you may actually inspire them. Be a leader in this situation. You’re doing the right thing, never, ever apologize for that.  You need to simply see this for what it is. You’re the one doing the right thing, and that will always win in my book!

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2016 Top Fitness Trends

This is a fun read for those who are devout in their fitness training methods (like staunch advocates of body weight training).  See which of these you favor!  And have you gotten on the fitness tracker trend, yet?  I haven’t used one long enough to definitely say it’s a game changing motivational tool, but I can say that in the few weeks I wore one 24/7 (Apple Watch in my case) I absolutely did more than my usual workout just to fill the activity circles.

18 Tips for Weight Management

While I’m not usually the biggest advocate of “tips” or quick lists, occasionally I come across an article or blog post that is worth exception.  In this Huffington Post article, I find more than a few suggestions fall right within my own ideology.  Kudos to the author for a home-run on this one!

Start with a healthful diet – It seems so obvious, and it is, but with all of the confusion and marketing and contradicting diet plans, most of us get lost in trying to find the one quick trick in all the noise.  The simplicity of making better food choices actually gets overlooked.  The disappointing fact is that most of us could probably list the tenets of a healthful diet without much effort.  Eat more whole foods, less processed foods.  Avoid added sugars.  Eat whole grains and avoid refined carbohydrates.  Choose lean proteins and avoid saturated fat.  Why, then, do we get lost in the confusion trying to find the one gimmicky diet plan that works?

Keep an eye on portions – While there is debate as to whether a simple approach of calories in v. calories out is a valid one, anyone would agree that consuming more calories than you’re burning is a recipe for weight gain.  The big win here is for days when you have to deal with bad food choices (you’re out to dinner with friends, at an office party, etc), at least minimize the damage with really strong portion control.  You’ll be shocked at how little it takes to feel satisfied if you give your brain enough time to synchronize with your belly.

Eating mindfully – This is a really big one. It’s why I use a calorie tracker every day, and it’s why I go into each day with a plan (usually packing meals with me on the go).  When you pair eating with other mindless activities (watching TV is a big one), you tend to exercise NO control of quantity and quality.  If you must snack, get in the habit of doing it at a table and not co-mingling it with other activities. Doing this would tie the pleasure of snacking with the activity, making it a really hard habit to break.

A lot of others hit home for me so give this a read and let me know what you think!

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