Willingness to Change – And its Impact On Weight-loss



Willingness to change is a huge factor in weight-loss success.  Being human and, therefore, creatures of habit, most of us find change to be unsettling.  Just think about how pervasive habits are in our daily lives.  From our morning ‘getting dressed’ routines to the order in which we get ready for bed, everything is done in a specific order day-in and day-out.  The beauty of this is that we often can do these tasks with our brains on auto-pilot, free it up to do other tasks, like poke at our phones or pondering the meaning of life.   Not only that, but there’s a level of comfort in the routine.

The same holds true for eating habits.  From the morning coffee to the 2pm snack machine visit, most of us take comfort in these daily habits, they are little treats we perceive as ways we ‘make it through the day’.  When adopting a weight-loss plan, we’re suddenly ask to change these routines, and many of us resent it.

This all may sound counterintuitive, you may think that anyone adopting a weight-loss plan is likely ready to change, but that’s simply not true.  Many like the idea of losing weight, but when it comes to practical application, making the strategic changes could spell disaster. This is why only 8-10% of people actually hit their New Year’s Resolution goal.  The idea sounds fantastic on paper, but, having only the change of a page in a calendar as motivation, it’s too easy for objection to change to win out.

If you’re planning to start a weight management program, be aware of your own willingness to change and recognize that in order to promote change in our body, you have to make changes to your routine.  Merely being aware of this can change your mindset enough to overcome the initial objection.  Afterall, your overall happiness in life is not even remotely hinged to a 50 cent bag of potato chips, so don’t let that routine derail changes that can add so much value to your life and health!

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