Hunter The Gladiator Is Worried You Might Be Skinny Fat

“Hunter the Gladiator is worried you might be skinny fat” By Jonathan Wells, an article published today on the Telegraph.

Read the full article here, especially if you immediately associate thin with healthy.  However, since I just yesterday wrote an article touting the benefits of strength training, I wanted to highlight this one excerpt.

 “Everybody should start with weight training and some high intensity interval training. Make sure to keep an eye on the amount of cardio you’re doing as well – it has its place, but if you’re endlessly running and always at spinning class, your cortisol levels – a stress hormone – will rise, and this will not allow your body to undergo a positive change in body composition.

I’ll also caution with this excerpt for those who plan not to read the full article above:

 “A person who is skinny fat is not technically overweight,” explains the 42-year old. “They can, to all intents and purposes, look completely healthy, thin and in-shape. However, underneath their clothes and healthy-looking exterior, it’s a different story.

“Your body can have a high fat percentage – often viscerally – but be incredibly low on muscle mass. Put simplistically, you can be thin on the outside but fat on the inside.

“This is a common problem among people who are obsessed with their weight on the scales rather than their health and body composition as a whole. The condition can lead to the development of chronic inflammation, low cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

In summation, see yesterday’s article and add strength training to your regimen.

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