Top 3 Nagging Weight Loss Questions: Answered!


I am the first to admit that the diet/exercise/weight-loss/fitness industry is rife with confusing and often conflicting information.  For most people, it’s difficult to navigate these murky waters since we’re forced to solely go by what we see, hear, and read.  One need only to look as far as what is considered the most extensive diet study of all-time to see just how deep the contradictions run.  The China Study suggests that animal products show direct links to many of our modern ‘diseases of affluence’, while the Paleo followers push the blame on grains, among other things, suggesting that animals be an important part of our daily plates.

We can, however, put to rest at least 3 questions that are all-too-often asked by those looking to shed a few pounds for beach season.

  • How come I can’t keep off the weight? This is an extremely common occurrence, and the constant weight-loss/weight-gain treadmill is known as yo-yo dieting.  The main reason why this happens is because too many of us turn to canned fad diets for weight loss.  Most of these diets are too restrictive, both in calories and food groups, to the extent that within a short period of time (or, at most, when we reach our goal), we resort back to our old habits.  What’s the answer, then?  First, we need to adjust our mindsets.  It’s important to realize that weight-management is a marathon, not a sprint. Secondly, let’s forget fad dieting altogether.  Long term weight-loss comes from life changes, not from short term super restrictions.  Education is a big part of this puzzle, and finding strategies that work for you as an individual.  This is why having a personalized plan infinitely increases your chances for long term weight management.  Be sure to check out our personalized weight-loss plans
  • Should I diet or exercise? I really hope you found the answer obvious, it’s both. The most effective way to manage your weight and your health is to eat a healthful diet and exercise. And don’t think this has to mean long hours in a gym and eating carrot sticks all day.  Based on your tolerance to change, there are ways to clean up your diet and implement efficient, effective exercise without being maniacal.  Unfortunately, based on conversations with people, its all-to-common for people to favor only ½ of the equation, and results are either stifled or completely non-existent.
  • Carbs, Meat, Fat, Vegan?!?! WHAT DO I EAT!? This is primarily where we see the conflicting information I mentioned earlier.  Rather than get bogged down in trying to determine what the ultimate human diet is, let’s keep it simple.  Eat more whole, unprocessed foods.  Between, salt, sugar, and saturated/trans fats, our supermarkets and restaurants have become a minefield.  If you want to improve your health, eat foods as close to their original forms as possible.  It isn’t only better for you, it will taste better.  Also, if you’re one to use dinging out as entertainment, try replacing that by cooking at home as a couple or family, or host more dinner parties. It’s much easier to control what’s going into your dish when you’re the one cooking it, especially when you start from fresh, whole ingredients.  And remember, fruit was nature’s original fast food.  If  you need convenience, become a master at stocking wholesome treats to grab-n-go.

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